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With 75+ years' experience, collectively, our Team is creative, imaginative, and highly skilled.  Let us put our experience to work for you today ... you'll be glad you did!


Owner of INTERIORS BY GLO, she is an experienced tailor— designing and altering men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and costumes; she is a talented seamstress, a thoughtful and creative interior designer, and an intuitive and problem-solving general contractor. Gloria began honing her skills at a young age and is willing to take on new challenges. Her primary goal is to fulfill any customer’s unique design ideas and make them a reality, with a smile!


Beginning of a Dream - by Glo

My story as an interior designer / decorator begins with the support and love from my mother and father.   At nine-years-old, my mom gave me a piece of fabric that inspired me to create my first project: a gold suede jacket with snaps. Recognizing my talent, my parents signed me up for sewing classes.  During my first class, I designed a red, wool tailored suit with brass zippers. After seeing my work, the instructor stated that I could be teaching the class myself. Following her comment, I did not want to sew anymore. It seemed like my parents wasted their financial efforts on me, instead of spending it on something that was more beneficial for the family. Then one day, using her motherly instincts, my Mom asked me for help with her sewing. Little did I know, she fooled me into thinking she needed help, only to get me back into doing what I love - sewing.  Through her and my dad's love and support, I learned that anything is possible if you make the effort.  I now live by this creative motto: "If it can be stitched, I'll stitch it."


At twelve-years-old, I made my first wedding gown. In high school, I designed my own clothes, and a few friends became my first customers. For my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, I made a man's tailored suit for my younger brother that included tailored pants, lined vest, and jacket; and a lace and satin gown for my mother, my younger sister, and myself.


I remember around the holidays in 1992, my father was ill and my mother was feeling really sad. To cheer her up, I took her shopping at the local fabric store and spent time with her making curtains for her entire house as a Christmas gift. I will never forget the endearing look in my mother’s eyes and the smile on her face as we hung up the curtains and I said, "Merry Christmas, Mom". I take her love with me on every job opportunity that comes my way and I've "adopted" many moms and grandmothers since.   My creativity didn't end here.  

When my children were young (late 1980's), I started earning money to support the household by doing tailoring, making costumes, tailored-fitting slipcovers, upholstery, window treatments, and other home decorating items for teachers and a theatre group in Woonsocket.  Later, as customers began referring me to their family and friends, my hobby turned into a business where I had customers from Boston to Providence.   This lead me to opening my first sewing / interior decorating business in September 1999.  Unfortunately, due to the sudden passing of my dad and life events, I closed the business on Dec 31, 1999 - promising myself that I would one day do it again.

In 2007, I took my creativity, design, and project management skills to a whole new level - I designed the architectural plan for our dream home and acted as the General Contractor .... an experience I truly enjoyed and will NEVER forget!!   My husband, Dean, and I, together, managed the process from beginning to end - this involved working with the architect and engineers, City Officials, contractors, and banking representatives; and obtaining the appropriate building permits and inspection sign-offs through obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.  Fifteen years later, our home is still our "special place". 


My hobbies also include landscape design and creating gardens; changing or relocating my plants frequently (except trees) to try something new.  I receive many compliments that our yard looks like a park and people stop, chat, and ask for a tour; I happily oblige and give free advice and ideas. 


Finally, on February 1, 2021, my ultimate dream came true - I once again opened an interior decorating business.  Initially located at 275 Social Street, Woonsocket, RI, I soon realized that my expectation for walk-in customers was overestimated.  In September, I relocated to my home and continue to offer the great products and services to my customers on a personal, one-on-one basis.  With the help of my Team and other colleagues in the industry, Interiors By Glo is able to offer a complete line of products and services to our customers. 


Thank you for your interest in my story; we look forward to working with you on your project.


                                                                                                                                                                            God Bless!

                                                                                                                                                                             Gloria ("Glo")

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Judy is not only a designer, she's a creator ... creating products from pure imagination!  Her passion for creativity and originality has resulted in one-of-a-kind window treatments, gifts for family and friends, and many other home décor items.  If you are looking for something that is original and unique, Judy is your answer!!!  Bring your special requests to Judy ... with a combination of fabric, trim, machine embroidery, and embellishments, she will work her magic and create your one-of-a-kind request!! 

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Frank Morin, owner of FRANK DESIGNS is an interior designer & decorator with years of experience in both commercial and residential design.  Part of Frank's expertise includes Computer Aided Drafting ("CAD") architectural drawings at all levels and covers interior and exterior living space design, as well as landscape design.  Frank has had the privilege of working on teams who have designed hotels and businesses for well-known high-profile individuals and businesses.  As such, Frank brings his in-depth experience to design and perfects the smallest - and largest - of projects.  No job is ever too small or too large ... they ALL get the same level of professionalism and attention.  [More on Frank's Bio to Follow]