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Designing Your New Home With a Little Old and a Little New

By:  Shirley Martin

Image by Pexels

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There are many reasons for wishing to move after you have retired. Maybe it’s to be in a warmer climate. Many retirees move to smaller towns where the cost of living is less since being near “the office” is no longer a factor. Or perhaps you wish to be nearer to where your children have relocated in order to have more family time. Whatever the reason, making your new home feel both fresh and new, but still familiar, means putting some forethought into decorating.


Consulting with interior design professionals like Interiors by Glo is a smart move. They can advise on the best window treatments for your new home with window shades, blinds and shutters, and designer window treatments. They can tailor slipcovers for those pieces that have too many memories in them to leave behind, or perhaps give them a new look with re-upholstering. And they can show you all the latest decor items to make your new place stylish.


Before You Leave Your Old Place


You’ll first want to do some research into the area you’re considering a move to. Will you be moving into an apartment or condo? A small one-bedroom home that’s easy to maintain or a larger home where the family can stay for extended visits? This will determine what furnishings you’ll be taking with you and what you’ll be leaving behind.


Once you’ve decided what you want to move and what you can leave behind by selling or donating, you can then get estimates from several moving companies. If you’re not on a deadline, many movers can offer discounts if you can be flexible. Look at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for any potential mover to see their safety record before you hire them.


Give yourself two months to pack. Get family and friends to help. You can even check with neighbors or local churches to see if there are any teens wanting a few extra dollars that you can enlist to help. Arrange for charitable services to come and get any large items or appliances that you wish to donate. Have a yard sale to get rid of anything else you don’t want to take you.


After the Move to Your New Place


A move also means all new decor that reflects where you are both in terms of your new lifestyle and your new community. Look into made-to-order custom wallpaper that is unique and shows off your style. Interiors By Glo has the capability to custom-order printed fabrics and wallpaper exclusive to you! Or get peel and stick wallpaper that you can change with your mood or the season. It’s easy to apply and remove and doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind.


Shop with local artists for any new paintings or wall hangings. They’ll have a better inventory of art that reflects the character of your new town and you’re keeping money in the local economy.


If you’ve moved to a place where the climate is suited to being outdoors more, invest in quality outdoor furnishings. The pieces should be able to stand up to sun and rain, be comfortable, and look stylish. If you spend more upfront, you won’t find yourself having to replace them so often.  Interiors By Glo offers custom-made privacy screens, awnings, parachute sails, umbrellas, cushions, and pillows for your outdoor furnishings and has a wide selection of outdoor fabrics to choose from.


If you’re bringing your pet or expect visits from small grandchildren, do a thorough safety inspection of areas in your new place like your home office. With heavy objects that could fall, cords and wires that can become choking hazards, and sharp or pointy objects like scissors and letter openers, it can be a real danger zone unless proper precautions are put in place.


Make a plan to stay organized and avoid clutter like throwing away old mail and newspapers, and finding clever ways to store your hobby and craft supplies that might overwhelm your space. Clutter can easily make your new place feel stressful.


Cleanse doorways and windows with a combination of lemons, sea salt, and white vinegar to purify those areas where energy enters and leaves. Incorporate some Feng Shui into your decor to promote healing energy and positive vibes.


Moving after retirement is like starting a new chapter in the book of your life, and they can be some of the most exciting pages yet! With some forethought into your decorating, it’s possible to bring some of your old life with you into your new home and that’s the best of both worlds.

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